"Our forefathers left us a wonderful earth which we need to preserve for our children. This is a responsibility no human being can shy away from and this feeling of responsibility should begin in our own homes and hearts."

For some, green is the fragrance of the earth when the first rain of the season falls. For others, it’s the cool wind of a summer noon. For some others, it’s the dew drops dancing in the morning sun. For us green is something we want our children to enjoy. It means responsibility. At Greenways, it comes naturally Greenways was established with an objective to promote and create green living spaces in and around us. Our designs make best use of natural resources. Designs that guide breeze into our villas and homes built on Vastu principles. These help us conserve nature's precious resources for our future generations without compromising on the quality of life. Our designs use the breeze at noon to cool your room and the blazing sun to warm your water. Cost effective conservation of water and energy and utilization of nature's gifts like solar energy and biomass are the fundamental principles on which our projects are built.

Greenways meticulously follows developments in the areas of green research to help bring in better ideas to our projects, to help build a lifestyle that welcomes all the goodness of nature into your lives. Eventually it helps us cut down energy costs and increase efficiency and conserve natural resources for the generations to come. To be precise, Greenways makes your lives happier and healthier.

Did you know that if you could welcome the sun and the breeze into your home it could save you a lot on your energy bills?